The rights of Muslims on each other

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Mo’alla bin Khanees who asked Imam Sadeq (AS): What is the right of a Muslim on another Muslim? Imam (AS) replied: There are 7 rights that acting on them are Wajeb (obligatory in religion), if one of them is not acted upon, the person is out of the guardianship of God and God’s obedience; meaning all will be or Satan. I asked: What are they? Imam Sadeq (AS) replied: Mo’alla, I am kind to you, I am worried to tell you in case you will not be able to follow but you are knowledgeable about them. I said: God willing I will act on them.

Then Imam (AS) said: First and the easiest one is to like for your Muslim brother what you like for yourself and do not like for him what you do not like for yourself. Second, remove whatever bothers him and attain his satisfaction and obey his order. Third, help him with your wealth, life, tongue, hands and feet. Fourth, be his eyes, guide and his mirror. Fifth, do not be full when he is hungry, do not quench your thirst when he is thirsty and do not dress up when he is not able to.

Sixth, if you have a domestic helper and he has not, send your helper to him to wash his clothes, make his food and prepare his bed. Seventh, accept his oath and his invitation and the time of illness visit him and when he is passed away attend his funeral and when you find out that he has a request grant it to him before he is forced to ask you about it. When you fulfilled all those for your Muslim brother, then you have connected your friendship with him and his friendship with yourself [1]

[1] Osule kafi, Vol. 3, page 246.

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