The rights of the leaders of religion

SHAFAQNA – According to Islamic teachings, there are certain rights for infallible Imams and leaders of religion which need to be observed by the Islamic Ummah (nation). Some of these rights include knowing Imams and the leaders of the religion [1], heartfelt believe and obeying them [2], kindness and affection towards them [3], connection with religious leaders [4], to be content with their judgments, resorting to infallible [5], cordiality and friendship of them [6], learning, teaching and propagating their knowledge.

[1] Wasaelul Shia, Vol. 16, page 246.

[2] Ayah 31/Al-e-Imran; Ayah 59/Al-Nisa; Ayha 21/Al-Ahzab.

[3] Ayah 23/Al-Shura.

[4] Ayah 2/Al-Hojarat; Ayahs 6 & 53/Al-Ahzab.

[5] Ayah 35/Al-Maedah.

[6] Ayah 23/Al-Shura; Ayah 61/Al-e-Imran; Ayah 33/Al-Ahzab.

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