The role of believe on the Day of Judgment on human’s behaviour

SHAFAQNA – Allah (SWT) says in the holy Quran that insight is the basic element in the life style and behaviour of a human being. Hence, those who believe in the Day of Judgment, behave in ways to build a proper life in the hereafter. On the other hand, those who deny the Day of Resurrection by casting doubt on it, intend to free themselves from any obligations in order to adopt corrupt ways.

In Ayahs 3 to 5 of Surah Al-Qiyamah, God says: “Does man think that God cannot assemble his bones? Yes, God is able to put together in perfect order the very tips of his fingers. His denial is not only due to his doubt of the Day of Judgment but he wishes to open his way to wrong behaviour and to remove the barriers of committing sins.”

It is clear from the above Ayahs and other holy verses in the Quran as well as the narrations by the infallibles that believe in the Day of Judgement have a pivotal role in the life style and behaviour of a human being. Paying attention to the hereafter means adopting correct ways and behaviour to the satisfaction of the Almighty as well as staying well clear of divine retribution. Therefore, adopting piety and purification of soul can lead to adjusting human’s thoughts and deeds according to true Islam and its laws.

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