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The simple life of Imam Ali (AS)

SHAFAQNA – A senior Arab figure went to eat dinner with Imam Hassan (AS), and suddenly he said: I am going to eat anything. Imam Hassan (AS) asked him: Why you do not eat anything? He replied: A short while ago I saw a poor person and now that I see the food, I remember that poor person and pity him. I cannot eat anything unless you order some of this food is given to that poor person. Imam Hassan (AS) asked: Where is that poor person? He replied: A short while ago when I went to the Mosque for prayers, I saw a man who was performing Salaat, after finishing his Salaat, he opened this cloth to do Iftar (to eat), and his dinner was barley bread and water. When that poor person saw me, he invited me to eat with him, but since I am not used to eat such type of food, I declined his invitation; now if it is possible send him some of this food. By hearing these sayings, Imam Hassan (AS) cried and said: He is my father, Amir-al-Momeneen, and Muslims Caliph, Imam Ali (AS). Despite being the ruler of such vast territory, he lives like the poorest of the people, and always eats simple food [1].

[1] Adaabi az Quran, Ayatollah Shaheed Dastqaib, Page 282.

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