The Story of Bijan Ebrahimi

SHAFAQNA – In July 2013, Mr Bijan Ebrahimi, an Iranian national living in the UK was brutally murdered by his neighbour, following a series of racist altercations which the police completely and utterly failed to address with due care.

As a result of such criminal negligence, an innocent, and law-abiding citizen was killed – his crime: being a foreigner in Britain.

To highlight the issue Hamid Khairoldin, an Iranian film-maker has started a crowd-funder in view of putting together a movie, and denounce racism.

About the film:

Based on the true story of Bijan Ebrahimi, an Iranian immigrant murdered in England in 2013, Joan of Arc tells the story of an Iranian artist, Oscar, who is the victim of racism and misconduct from the authorities.

After his wife decides to leave him, taking their two children without a trace, Oscar moves to his wife’s city in an attempt to locate his family. His attempt to find them is fruitless, and he is unexpectedly faced with a new phenomenon, racism.

Oscar calls upon the authorities in faith that they would intervene, however, he experiences a severe case of misconduct. Oscar’s fate is sealed with a barbaric act of violence, driven by hate and wickedness – all of which could have been easily avoided if his calls for help had been answered.

Racism is present in every corner of the world, the question is….Why hate, when you can love?

More details can be found on the website.

British MP George Galloway has offered his support to the campaign.

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