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The Supporter of the Persecuted

SHAFAQNA- Abu Talib disliked persecution very much. In the meantime, he liked the persecuted a lot. So, our Master Muhammad [s] liked Abu Talib very much.

One day, a battle took place between the tribe of Kinana and the tribe of Qais. The tribe of Qais was the aggressor.

A man from the tribe of Kinana came to Abu Talib and said:

“Son of the bird feeder and pilgrim water-giver; don’t be absent from us. We get victory in your presence.”

Abu Talib answered:

“I will not be absent from you when you avoid persecution, enmity, rudeness and falsehood.”

So, they promised him to do that.

Our Master Muhammad [s] stood by his uncle, against Kinana.

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