The Syrian Blame Game – Demonize Russia why don’t you!

SHAFAQNA – Murder media cried! Murder Western media wrote! How deliciously convenient indeed that at the height of Syria’s advances against radical outfits in the north, Russia stands accused of foul play against Doctors Without Borders.

 How devilishly convenient, and predictable indeed!

Corporate media are at it again … In the face of Western powers’ inaptitude to discern heads from tails in the Middle East, their ever-pleasing echo chambers – aka the media, have been happy to indulge in a good dose of fantasy story-telling with a side of science fiction against those very forces which have managed to stem terror’s tide, and break terror’s military impetus into Syria.

Here they all are, barking and screaming, name-calling and finger-pointing – slanderous and poisonous, the elite of all discerning elites, the grandiose Fox News, and CNN, pitiful in their claim that Russia targeted an NGO as part of its military campaign in Syria.

Forever righteous Fox News hit the ground running with a damning news story which appoints Moscow as a hardened criminal of war, a grand abuser of nations. It writes, “Russian warplanes are being blamed for carrying out what is being called a “deliberate attack” on two makeshift hospitals and a school in northern Syria Monday that killed nearly 50 people, according to the United Nations.”

Quoting Massimiliano Rebaudengo, MSF’s mission chief Fox News then aimed to carry the coup de grace, definitely driving home the idea that Russia could not possibly be allowed to carry out such vengeful bloodletting against unsuspecting civilian populations. No Sir!

“This appears to be a deliberate attack on a health structure, and we condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms … The destruction of the hospital leaves the local population of around 40,000 people without access to medical services in an active zone of conflict.”

Am I reading this write? How despicable and high on your own self-righteousness must one be to exploit civilian deaths and humanitarian tears as political propaganda tool.

Or maybe it’s sheer desperation … Could it be that Western powers’ grand Middle Eastern military folly has hit a brick wall in the form of Syria’s Resistance movement?

Could it be that Russia’s support and backing against terror outfits in the Levant is proving so effective in fact that certain players are sitting uncomfortably as they watch their pawns … and financial interests melt under Arabia’s sun? That would be crazy right?

As crazy for example as allege that one very Turkish President Recep Erdogan has aided, and abated terror radicals to better manifest himself a neo-Ottoman Empire, while amassing a fortune worthy of a king. Funny how factual proofs of wrongdoings pale in comparison to fantasy allegations.

Funny again how swiftly and timely the United Nations proved to be in its moral smiting of Russia in comparison to the brutal silence Russia was offered in late 2015 when it demonstrated Turkey’s ties with Terror’s army.

Where was corporate media outrage then? Where was Fox News’ shining armour then?

But Western powers’ selective grand-standing is only half the problem here. Russia had absolutely nothing to do with this air strike – it needs to be said that no evidence has been put forward to the contrary. For all its accusations the UN has to come up but with one proof of Russia’s culpability. In the light of such animosity against Moscow I’d like to think that if a line had been indeed crossed, Western politicians would be already waving that red flag with a vengeance.

As it happens it was not Russia but the US which should suffer Fox News’ ire.

In an interview to Rossiya 24 this Tuesday, Syrian Ambassador Riad Haddad noted: “Concerning the hospital which was destroyed, in actual fact it was destroyed by the American Air Force. The Russian Air Force has nothing to do it with.”

In truth, some of view may argue that Syria is understandably covering for its main military ally. While such thinking is somewhat crass, as it implies a willingness to sponge off innocent blood from the carpet in the name of political decorum, let me bring you some cold, hard facts.

Turkey, in the person of its prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, has claimed that Russia fired a ballistic missile at MSF medical facility in Idlib – north-western Syria.

That’s cute but Russia does not have ships in the Caspian Sea which can fire ballistic missiles … not my words, but that of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

 But here’s the thing … Turkey, Fox News, and this whole Western propaganda complex know that. They know it very well indeed since they’re the one who weaved this narrative in the first place. But why? Ask this and things get really interesting, really quickly!

One answer would be so that you stay distracted while Ankara plays lets-carve-up-Syria-down-to-size game.

Remember the Kurds? Remember those Kurdish militias which proved so mightily potent and driven in their fight against Daesh (ISIL) in both Syria and Iraq? Well, Turkey has been actively cutting them down to better offer Terror a chance to strike back – notwithstanding Ankara’s long standing ambition to “cleanse” its land from all, and any Kurdish presence.

Idlib represents too much of a geostrategic jewel for Ankara to just give back up to Syrians. Idlib is part of this buffer zone President Erdogan has whined, cried and plotted for the past years.

Losing Idlib would mean losing a precious gateway into northern Syria. Losing Idlib would mean the likes of Daesh and al-Nusra would lose precious ground access to vital supplies – notwithstanding of course the loss the Black industry would suffer with the closing of one of its arteries.

And then of course there is this little thing called Kurdistan, Turkey ambitions to destroy to never see rise again.

Back in July 2015, long before there ever was a strike against any MSF facility, Erdogan swore he would never “tolerate” for the Kurds to establish a terror free zone so close to his borders. “We will never allow a state to be established in northern Syria and in the south of our country. No matter what the cost, we will continue our struggle in this regard,” he said.

This entire propaganda exercise is a set up! A gigantic act aimed at pulling yet another blanket over our eyes, while forcing Russia to waste both energy and resources washing itself from the sins of others.

Can we please go back to fighting the real criminals of this story? Or is it not in the agenda anymore?

By Catherine Shakdam – This article was published first on RT










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