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The third largest in the world .. Saudi Arabia has spent $ 81 billion on armaments in 2014

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – International Institute for Strategic Studies, said that Saudi Arabia has spent $ 80.8 billion on arms purchases last year, and came in third position in the world after the United States and China, in terms of “military spending.” At a news conference yesterday, Wednesday, February 11 in London, John Chipman Director General of the International Institute for Strategic Studies for the issuance of the book “2015 military balance” declared, showed that the global military spending in 2014 increased by 1.7% after three years of decline.

A report published by the Institute on its website summarizes the content of the book, that the majority of NATO countries and Europe since 2008 has conducted audits on defense budgets in a downwardly level as a result of the financial crisis that swept the world at that time.

According to the report, the United States has maintained a on its lead in the list of 15 country of biggest military counterweight in the world worth $ 581 billion, advancing four and a half times to China, which ranked second with a value of 129.4 billion dollars, followed by Saudi Arabia $ 80.8 billion, the Russian Union of 70 billion in fourth place, and Britain in fifth place with $ 61.8 billion. While Israel was the second most countries in terms of military spending in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia  $ 23.2 billion, ranked 13th on the international level.

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