The way Imam Ali (AS) preserved the unity of the Islamic nation (Part Five)

SHAFAQNA – One day Abu Sofyan, Moawieh’s father came to Imam Ali (AS) and said: Rise up against Abu Bakr, I am with you. Imam Ali (AS) told him: You were the leader of unbelievers and after capture of Mecca and out of freight converted to Islam, since when you worry about Islam more than us? When Abu Sofyan became disappointed with Imam Ali (AS), he came to Abbas, the uncle of the Prophet (PBUH) and said: You are worthy of Mohammad’s (PBUH) legacy more than anyone else.

Abbas laughed at him and replied: O’ Abu Sofyan, the thing that is not accepted by Ali (AS) will not be accepted by Abbas. There are more than 35 Hadiths (narrations) that have been narrated from Imam Ali (AS) about his silence in order to prevent conflict between Muslims. Imam Ali (AS) wanted the governance for the sake of Islam, governance is a tool and Islam is the target. That is why Imam Ali (AS) said: If I want to get to the tool, the main target will be lost.

Explained by: Hassan Rahimpour

To be continued

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