The way Imam Ali (AS) preserved the unity of the Islamic nation (Part Seven, Last Part)

SHAFAQNA – Mosa bin Abdullah said, some companions did not swear allegiance to Abubakr and told Imam Ali (AS) until you do so, we will not. Imam Ali (AS) replied: I said what I wanted, I will swear allegiance and you do the same. I will not allow for the sake of my Khalafa, fighting between Muslims break out. Zubair and some others protested the events of Saqifah and chose to sit in Lady Fatima’s (AS) house. Imam Ali (AS) came and persuaded them to swear allegiance to Abubakr. Ibn Atheer narrated that Aban ibn Saeed and some other companions did not swear allegiance to Abubakr and said we will do whatever Bani Hashim do. Imam Ali (AS) said: We swore allegiance, you do the same.

At the time of Caliphs, companions like Salman and Abuzar were offered official posts, they used to come to Imam Ali (AS) and consult him about this and Imam (AS) advised them to cooperate with the government. Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussain (AS) used to take part in Caliphs’ armies for Jihad. In the issue of judgement, Caliphs used to consult Imam Ali (AS). Caliphs also consulted Imam Ali (AS) in other issues like legal and jurisprudence, government and economy affairs, war, peace and foreign policies, commentary of the holy Quran. Second Caliph said: The Prophet (PBUH) told us whenever you have disputes, go to Ali (AS). Also it is narrated from the second Caliph who said he would have been destroyed if it was not for Ali (AS), this narration has been reported in 30 Sunni sources.

Explained by: Hassan Rahimpour

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