The way Imam Ali (AS) preserved the unity of the Islamic nation (Part Six)

SHAFAQNA – For Imam Ali (AS) Islam was more important than his governance, currently our reasoning is the same, our target is Islam and with religious confrontations it will be destroyed. Shia Islam is equal to Welayat of Ali ibn Abitaleb (AS) but Welayat of Imam Ali (AS) is a mean for a higher target which is the Islam itself. It is not possible to do an act for love of Imam Ali (AS) and to endanger Islam which Imam (AS) gave his life for it. Imam Ali (AS) came to remove disputes and differences and not to be the source of them.

We must not introduce Ali (AS) as the source of disputes between Muslims. Imam Ali (AS) differentiated between Caliphs and Moawiyeh, differences must be classified. Imam Ali (AS) was a critic of Caliphs but he did not clash with them. Imam Ali (AS) used to behave differently towards Moawiyeh. Imam Ali (AS) explained the difference between Caliphs and Moawiyeh in Nahjul Balagha. Moawiyeh wrote a letter to Imam Ali (AS) and insulted him by saying the Caliphs are more learned than you are.

In his reply, Imam Ali (AS) did not say that he was more learned but he replied: You wrote that such persons are more learned, if this is true it is no use to you and if is not true still is not useful to you, what is it to you who is more learned or not? It has nothing to do with you that I am or I am not more learned than Abu Bakr or Omar. This narration shows that Imam (AS) used to differentiate between Caliphs and Moawiyeh and this narration must be a lesson for us to adjust our views regarding the history of the beginning of Islam.

To be continued

Explained by: Hassan Rahimpour

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