The way Imam Ali (AS) treated his enemies

SHAFAQNA – Abdullah ibn Shareek narrated: On the day of Saffayn, Hujr ibn Adi, Amr ibn Hmq were openly cursing their enemies from Shaam. Imam Ali (AS) sent them a message and ordered them to stop it. They came to Imam Ali (AS) and asked him: O’ the leader of the believers, are we not the followers of the truth? Imam (AS) replied: Yes, you are. They asked again: Are they not the followers of the falsehood? Imam (AS) replied: Yes, they are. They asked Imam Ali (AS): Then, why do you prevent us from cursing them? Imam Ali (AS) replied: I do not like you cursing them, so that they also curse you, and dislike you. Imam Ali (AS) added: But, if you point out their bad deeds to them, you have spoken the truth, and you also have a good excuse, and how appropriate is this instead of cursing them. Then, Imam Ali (AS) asked them to pray: O’ God, protect our lives and their lives, and establish peace between us and them. Imam Ali (AS) continued by saying: This is better for you, and I prefer it [1].

[1] Waq’atul Siffayn, Nasr ibn Mozahem, Page 103.

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