The way Imam Sadeq (AS) dealt with a man who insulted him

SHAFAQNA – A man insulted Imam Sadeq (AS) in his absence in public. A person came to Imam Sadeq (AS) and informed him about what happened. Imam Sadeq (AS) made Whudhu and started performing Salaat. The person who informed Imam (AS) narrated: I was there, I told myself, Imam (AS) is going to curse the one who insulted him but opposite to my imagination, I saw Imam (AS) performed two Rok’ats Salaat and then said: O’ my God, I waive my right, You are more generous and magnanimous than me, forgive him and do not call him to account (for what he is done)! Imam Sadeq (AS) showed special compassion towards the one who insulted him and I was surprised [1].

[1] Anwaarul Bahiyeh, Mohadeth Qomi, Page 126.

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