There can be no association between Wahhabism and Islam – SHAFAQNA Open Letter

SHAFAQNA – Once more violence has put Islam, and its people in the eye of a furious storm, as hordes of madmen have claimed death to be their Islamic prerogative. Under the dark banner of Wahhabism – this devolution fed from hatred, ignorance and absolute insanity, the world has come to know of Islam not the justice it speaks of, but the deranged rantings of radial fanatics whose name, and faith true Muslims abhor most of all.

Here today, before the murder of innocent men and women in Orlando, Shafaqna is clearly stating its intent: “Wahhabism does not represent Islam, it does not speak for Muslims and its school of thought is so far removed from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Quran, that it can never claim to even resemble Islam from afar.

Wahhabism is everything which Islam rejects, forbids, and warns against.

If ever there was an anti-Islam, Wahhabism would be its expression.

“There will come a time when nothing will be be hidden except truth, and nothing will be revealed except falsehood.” Imam Ali (AS)

Today is this day. Today, now … as families mourn their loved ones, as the world stands stun by the ferocious intolerance of a demented group of extremist bigots, Islam cries too, It cries the injustice done, it cries the stain inflicted on its message, it cries the liberation it brought forth which other understood as an enslavement, it cries the hate, and the strife men have inflicted upon one another out of ignorance, and fear.

Islam stands not bloodshed and punishment – Islam speaks of justice and salvation, emancipation, and empowerment through knowledge.

And though Islam might have been born in the desert of the Hejaz, it is the desert of Nejd which defiled its true teachings.

Look not towards Saudi Arabia to find Islam … there sits Wahhabism. This abomination, and plague onto the world which needs to be denounced if we ever hope to wash it away!

Today the world stands in horror as it learns of the actions of a young man – a self-professed Wahhabi who opened fire at an Orlando gay nightclub.

Today the world recoils in disgust as it is being told that Islam committed such atrocity – that it was its teachings, and its message which inspired the bloodshed,

Shafaqna absolutely and categorically refuses such accusation. Islam did not inspire the arm of this madman! The Quran is a grace onto the world, an inspiration to seek the Light – not a guide to bloodshed.

It is the filth of Wahhabism which we ought to recognise behind this crime. It is the filth of Wahhabism, and its agents which we need to call out and denounce if we ever stand to defeat this evil.

Think not that Muslims are divorced from your fight against terror. Muslims, true Muslims, have suffered in their flesh, in their land, and in their faith as this black plague you call ISIL spreads its venom under your leaders’ guidance.

How many have perished under the Black Flag? How many have been abused beyond the comprehensible so that Wahhabi clerics could claim their fill of blood? How many still will die today, while you turn away in your ignorance?

Life is precious whoever breathes it. Will you not recognise our pain, and see your tears reflect?

Will you not stand with us as we extend a brotherly hand and pledge to fight with you, and beside you for Wahhabism to be ended, and justice reclaimed.

Will you not see when the truth has been made most apparent to you? Will you not see who it is the world has been forbidden to criticise? Is not true that today all manners of bloodshed and terror have but one common denominator: Saudi Arabia – the birthplace of Wahhabism?

Is not true that your leaders still stand with Saudi Arabia for the wealth it promises?

It is not Islam which betrayed … The Truth still you fear to face.

To the Truth Muslims remain dedicated to, for in the end, all belongs to Him, and to Him we shall return.

To you Wahhabism, defiler of world and men we say this:

“Your time soon will end and falsehood will be dispelled. And while our arms might not reach you still, you have already lost, for there can be no victory but God’s Victory. And as you slay our brothers, as you slay our brothers in faith … whichever faith they hold, whichever name they call onto God, we, the people of Ghadeer Khum will oppose you, a right opposition.

As you spread lies and wickedness, we, the people of Ghadeer Khum, will answer you with Truth.

Islam is not with you, but with us!



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