Migrants are stopped 3,000 times a month

SHAFAQNA – Migrants are stopped by border officials almost 3,000 times a month, double the number three years ago. Home Office figures show 9,632 attempts to enter the country were detected between 2011 and 2012, but this year, it exceeded 18,000. In the first four months of 2014 alone, there were 11,920 attempts stopped by border control.

The department stressed that the number did not reflect how many ­individuals had entered Britain and pointed out that one person could make a number of attempts. The new figures came as European judges ruled yesterday that tough UK immigration rules designed to prevent abuse of EU free movement regulations by migrants from elsewhere in the world must be changed.

The European Court of Justice said Britain cannot block non-EU family members who have settled in another member state from entering the country without a travel permit.

The ruling will potentially make it easier for non-EU nationals who live with UK citizens in Europe to enter the country. They will be able to rely on residence permits issued in other EU states rather than a family permit provided by the British government after the application has been vetted.

The European Court of Justice made its ruling after Sean McCarthy, who has British and Irish citizenship and lives in Marbella, Spain, and his Colombian wife Patricia, took legal action against the government. Mrs McCarthy said she should be allowed to come to Britain with her family without a UK family permit because she already held an EU residence card issued in Spain.

Judges in London will now make a final ruling based on the decision by the European judges.

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