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This US town faced a backlash after electing the first Muslim-majority city council

SHAFAQNA – Voters in Hamtramck, Michigan made history last week by electing the United States’ first Muslim-majority city council. But not everyone is happy about it.

Muslim candidates in the city council elections won landslide votes in three of the six seats, receiving hundreds more votes than the non-Muslims. The fourth Muslim didn’t face opposition.

Across the US, many expressed their support for the new Muslim-majority council. Others, however, made their outrage known on social media.

The councilmembers have vowed to represent the entire community, which has seen a rise in Muslims. Hamtramck has historically been known for its Polish population, but immigration from the Middle East and Asia is changing the demographics.

The issue of Muslim immigration has been a hot topic for discussion in the city for years. Community leader Bill Meyer stated that Muslims “have helped bring stability, security and sobriety while lessening the amount of drugs and crime in the city.”

On the other hand, Susan Dunn — a city council candidate — raised concerns about the call to prayer being broadcast five times a day from mosques despite it being allowed as far back as 2004. Unverified rumors also spread of a flyer being circulated around the city before the election reading, “Let’s get the Muslim out.”

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