Three levels of belief according to Quran

SHAFAQNA – According to Quran, belief has three levels.

1. Reliance on God as mentioned in Ayah 159 of Surah Al-e-Imran: Whenever you decide to do a job, rely on Allah (SWT), God loves those who are reliant on the Almighty.

2. Entrusting all affairs to God as is pointed in Ayah 44 of Surah Al-Qaafer: I shall entrust my affair to Allah (SWT), truly God is observant of worshippers.

3. Submitting to God as is described in Ayah 84 of Surah Al-Yunus: Moses said: O’ my people, if you believe in God and if you want to submit, then rely on the Almighty.

The late Allamah Tabatabaei wrote below this Ayah: Submission, is the ultimate phase of the belief [1].

[1] Almizan, Vol. 10, Page 113-114.

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