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Top Shia, Sunni Clerics in Beirut Summit: “Resistance Liberates, Terrorism Collapses”

SHAFAQNA – World Union of Resistance Ulema Summit ended its two-day summit in Lebanese capital of Beirut on Thursday with a final statement with the theme of “Resistance liberates, terrorism collapses”.

The final statement of the international summit attended by Shia and Sunni clerics from across the globe rebuked the decision made by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to enter Islamic resistance movement in its terrorist list calling that an intrigue against the group and values of the Muslim nation.

Pro-resistance clerics added,” Arab and Islamic nations should defend the resistance because any ignorance towards the resistance group, especially amid the present critical situation of the world, will also lead to neutral stances towards targeting Palestinian groups.”

The clerics in their final statement noted that civil war in Arab countries, particularly in Syria which is a supporter of the resistance, is a crime by mercenaries fighting on behalf of the world arrogant powers whose objective is to shed the blood of Muslims, distracting public minds from the issues of Palestine and tarnishing the image of Islamic resistance.

Part of the final statement runs,” To call Hezbollah with allegations of terrorism means targeting the whole Islamic Resistance movement, which is an intrigue and a great service to the Zionist regime of Israel.” calling Hezbollah as the main pillar of Islamic Resistance which has made several achievements against the Zionist enemies.”

Another paragraph in this statement announced the full support of Muslim clerics for the third Palestinian intifada stressing that as the most important manifest of resistance and best decision by Palestinian nation at present.

This statement also demanded support of the Iraqi nation from Islamic resistance calling the war-stricken nation to play active role in supporting the movement.

Muslim clerics in their final statement highlighted the mission of all Muslims in regards to Al Quds Mosque and said the international silence towards Palestinian nation is in fact partnership in the crimes committed against Palestinian nation.

It called Islamic resistance as a brilliant page in the history of Islamic nation which will bring honor and glory while terrorism is a brainchild of the enemies which will lead to massacre and destruction targeting present and future of Muslim nation.

Final paragraph of the statement mandated perseverance against extremist thoughts and cutting religious statements calling them to be in line with terrorist thoughts.

Participated by Shia and Sunni scholars from across the globe, World Union of Resistance Ulema Summit, ended its two-day meeting in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Thursday.

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