Brother came upon stabbed teen in school hall

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association) Hamid Aminzada, a well-liked student at North Albion C.I., just started his second year of high school in his new country earlier this month.

And now the 19-year-old is dead, fatally stabbed in the one place he should have felt safe.

“I just can’t believe this happened,” fellow student Sawan Patel said Tuesday after his friend’s murder. “I’m shaking right now.”

Patel was walking into school after lunch with the victim’s brother, one of his closest pals, and both were stunned when they came upon Aminzada as he gasped his final breaths in the hallway near the library.

“He was bleeding and someone told me he got stabbed,” Patel said.

His best friend immediately recognized the victim was his brother and ran to his side.

“He was not speaking,” Patel said. “(His brother) couldn’t believe what was going on and he was just trying to help him.”

Moments earlier, Patel said he spotted two teens who he recognized from classes running from the school. He now believes one of the youths may be the killer.

Aminzada died soon after in hospital.

“It’s very sad,” Patel said. “He was a nice person and a good friend.”

The school’s principal, Naeem Siddiq, described Aminzada as “a kind young man” who was enrolled in an English as a second language program and also took some mainstream classes.

Aminzada began attending the school last year after his family moved to Canada from Afghanistan, he said.

“It’s a very sad story for us as he was quite focused on his family and his future,” Siddiq said. “There was no indication of this young man being involved in any way with anything negative.”

Mann Parekh, vice-president of the school’s student council, recalled Aminzada as “a great guy” who was “always laughing” and enjoyed making others laugh.

“This is a guy I see everyday in the hallway, I’m high-fiving him, I’m talking to him, seeing if his classes are great and then all of a sudden today he’s gone,” he said. “It’s just tragic.”

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