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Trendy “Reformers” or Deceptive Posers

SHAFAQNA IN COLLABORATION WITH THE WORLD SHIA FORUM – Some of the trendy Muslim “reformers” are simply deceptive posers cashing in on lucrative NGO moolah. It is easy to spot their hypocrisy and the fact that underneath some borrowed lefty-liberal disguise there still is the original Salafi bigot, the rabid Jhangvi Qari.

A specific example is Maajid Nawaz who does his best to make all the right noises but whose sectarian bigotry and sympathy for Al Qaeda is pretty much intact.

Are token statements by such reformers worth anything when their views on Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq are the same as that of Saudi and Qatari Salafi propagandists!

How can one talk of women’s rights and tolerance and parrot Al Jazeera’s sectarian, Pro Al Qaeda propaganda at the same time.

In a recent Daily Beast article, Maajid subtly and indirectly blamed the victims of suicide bombings conducted by ISIS and Al Qaeda in Iraq. His justifications included the same perverse reasonings used by CNN and others to justify the presence of ISIS. These have already been countered by a June 2014 Gulf Institute report “Who is the Sectarian, Iraq or Saudi Arabia”

After all, it is this very “Reform” that gave the world Wahhabism-Salafism and its South Asian variant Takfiri Deobandism in the last 200 years. These are the “reform” movements that form the ideology and backbone of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda/ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, ASWJ-LeJ/Jaish, Jundullah and Al Shabab.

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