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A true dream and Satan’s treachery

SHAFAQNA – A disciple of Shaikh Ansari has said that when he was studying under him, one night he saw the accursed Satan in a dream. Satan was carrying some bridles in his hand. He asked Satan, “why are you holding these bridles in your hand?’ He replied, “I put them in the necks of people and drag them! Yesterday I put a bridle around the neck of one Shaikh Murtada Ansari and dragged him out of his house into the lane. But he escaped from me from the middle of the lane and returned home!”

When he awoke in the morning, he went to the Shaikh and related to him the dream. The Shaikh said, “Satan has told you the truth. The accursed one did try to tempt me with his glib talk. In fact, at home we needed certain things and I had no money handy at the time. I thought that from the Sahm e Imam I had with me a copy of the Holy Qur’an. I thought that I would sell it and use the money for my need as a loan to be reimbursed later. I took the copy of the Qur’an and went into the lane. Whilst buying my needs a thought came to me why I was doing such a thing. I felt penitent, returned home and put back the copy of the Qur’an in its original place”. 1

Some other persons have related the same incident in the following manner:

When the Shaikh’s disciple saw the bridles in the hands of Satan, he noticed that one of the bridles was very strong and thick. When he asked the accursed Satan the reason for his carrying the bridles, he replied that they were for putting around the necks of people and dragging them. The person also asked, “For what purpose is the stronger and thicker bridle?” Satan replied, “This is for your mentor, Shaikh Ansari. Yesterday I put it round his neck and dragged him into the bazār. But he managed to free himself and escaped.” The person asked, “Which one of the bridles is for me?” Satan replied, “For you there is no need of a bridle. You can become my victim only with my sweet talk!”

  • 1. This incidence is quoted from the biography of the Shaikh Ansari, ‘Seerat wa Shakhsiyat’ pages 88-89.
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