True Islam versus Wahhabism

SHAFAQNA – For a long time now, every terrorist activity and murders committed world wide, especially in Europe and the United States, Muslims have been blamed for them.

I wish to set the record straight: There are approximately 1.5 billion Muslims living around the world.  They are white, black, brown skinned. They have blond hair, black hair, brown hair, red hair and more.  They have blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes and much more.
They speak various different languages and follow different cultures and customs.  They have all of these differences, but they all have one thing in common….their Religion.  They are True Muslims. Law abiding, family loving, hard working members of their societies. They laugh, cry, feel sad, bleed like their Western brothers and sisters.
Unfortunately, after the downfall of Iraq and Libya, a new, a very vicious, unholy group of killers, led by a former Al Qaeda member, by the pseudo name of Al Baghdadi, appeared on the scene.  This new group, garbed in black, with faces covered, in order to gain reputation and instill fear in the hearts of the innocent, hijacked the pure Religion of Islam by creating a false “Islamic caliphate.
Calling themselves ISIS/ISIL/DAESH and other stupid names, they began to murder, behead, burn, rape, and commit other sub human crimes.  While committing these crimes, they yelled Allah Akbar, meaning Allah is Great. In so doing, they were making Allah All Mighty a partner in their crimes. This unholy act alone showed their abuse of a Religion of Peace which believes in the sanctity of human life so much so that to kill one person is like killing a thousand.
They were not prejudiced. They hated all human beings equally. Whether they were Shia, Sunni, Christian, Yezidi or people of other religions who did not adhere to their way of life.
These Devil worshippers adhere to a movement that was established in Saudi Arabia, by a man called Abdul Wahab, in 1763. He called his movement ( it is sinful to call it a religion) WAHABI, that was based on two philosophies…JIHAD and MURDER.  He was supported by an Arab by the name of ibn Saud, who allegedly was supported by the British, the creators of Saudi Arabia. In order to maintain the security of his newly founded Kingdom, Ibn Saud looked to Abdul Wahab for protection, in exchange for arms, which allegedly was furnished by the British.
Abdul Wahab used these arms against all those who would not convert to Wahabism.
When oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia and the West got involved, these desert RATS went into hiding, but the Wahabi philosophy was being promoted by the Saudis, in different parts of the world.  Afghanistan and Pakistan are, but a few of the Nations where the Wahabi philosophy is trying to sow its seeds in.
They have murdered tens of thousands of innocent human beings of all religions, all over the world.  Mostly Muslims. They are holding the civilized world hostage.
Their bloody history in the recent years is far beyond human imagination. Their thirst for blood and their continued murderous activities have filled newspapers all over the world.
Their recent massacre of over 140 young Afghans and injuring of over 400 others, is one vivid example of the atrocity that they are capable of.
Wahabism is not Islam. It cannot be referred to as a religion. Its followers cannot be called Muslims. They are the furthest thing from Islam.
Question comes to mind, who are they really?
The true fact is that contrary to popular belief in the West, these black garbed devils and their movement is similar to Reverend Jone’s Cultists movement in Guyana, or David Koresh’s cultist movement in Texas or other similar Cults all over the world.
Therefore, it can be referred to as a WAHABI CULTIST MOVEMENT.
When they initiated their murderous activities in the Middle East, the West mistakenly referred to them as ISIS and this wrongful recognition, gave these animals the platform they wanted, in order to gain international fame. This name has had several other names added to it, depending in which country.  ISIL/DAESH/ BOKO HARAM/AL NUSRA are but to name a few.
Where we Muslims failed miserably, was our utter silence against such abuse of our religion. Against innocent human beings. Muslims and non Muslims alike.  We cannot blame the West for developing Islamophobia. We have done nothing to alleviate their fears of Muslims. In fact our silence, rightly or wrongly, has fueled this fear and played right into the hands of these Wahabi Cultists.
Our Mosques have been silent.  Our communities have been silent. We have been silent.
It is time that all Allah fearing Muslims of the world, to unite as one and declare a FETWA against this group of Devil worshippers. It is time that we,  Sunnis and Shias, together with our Christian brothers and sister, initiate a world wide HOUSE cleaning, to make sure that everyone of these cultists are wiped off the face of the world.
If we do not raise our united voices against the horrors that these maniacs have incurred upon us, the way they have hijacked our religion, raped our women, sold our children, burnt our brothers and sisters alive,  then we cannot blame the world for considering us True Muslims as part and parcel of this horrendous WAHABI CULT.
To my Western friends, I say, “from now on please refer to these killers as Wahabi Cultists”.  NO MORE ISIS/ISIL. I beseech the Western Media to refrain from offering them a platform. Please separate them from the 1.5 billion True Islamic World. Separate them from your Muslim neighbors, who are law abiding and productive citizens of the countries that they now call home.
We, all Allah/God fearing people must stop the blame game.  The true enemy, the Wahabi Cult is our common enemy.  We must unite against this creation of the Devil (Shaitan).
By Prince Ali Seraj of Afghanistan –
The views expressed here are the author’s own.
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  1. Nasir says:

    “From now on please refer to these killers as Wahabi Cultists”

    You highlighted critical differences and fake Islam represented by the Takfiris. There are couple of points I would add:
    1. Takfiris/Wahabis hate Allah and Prophet(s) that’s why they intend to dismantle Kaba and grave of prophet (s) by calling them idols and people visiting them as idolaters. ISIS has called for destruction of Kaba and Mosque/Green dome and Criminal Saudis also want the same. This matches perfectly with Yazid (L) who killed Imam Husain(as), attacked Medina and horses were taken in mosque of prophet(s). For three days, there was no prayer in the mosque and 1000 women were raped. Then his army attached Kaba and its cover was burnt, wall collapsed. So today’s war is between followers of Yazid(L) and Prophet(s). Saudis revived the ideology of Yazid(s). They have no mercy for anyone which was the case with Yazid( L) and his army.
    2. According to various confirmed sources, enemy of Ahlul Baith have been person of illegitimate origin. Only legitimate people love Ahlul Baith and muslim men and women from various countries have committed grave sins to give birth of illegitimate children who are against the pure Islam, prophet(s) and his family(s). You can do research and it is evident to show the moral decay of Muslims to have so many illegitimate people from various countries joining wahabi and takfiri terror organizations.

    Their patrons like Qaradawi and one eyed monster in Saudi are the worst ones!


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