Turkey argues exceptionalism over Syria ceasefire

SHAFAQNA – Hours after Damascus confirmed that it would hold a ceasefire, and allow for diplomatic talks to resume, Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu announced Turkey will not honour a planned cessation of hostilities in war-hit Syria if its security is threatened.

“This ceasefire is actually for Syria, for the sides that are within its borders,” Davutoglu told journalists on Thursday.

He added: “If threats arise against our national security from any of the sides, this ceasefire will not place its obligations on us. In such a case Turkey will ask no one permission and will do what needs to be done.”

Once more Turkey is being found guilty of over belligerence under the only too convenient cover of national security. What Ankara is really saying is that it will not be constraint by international law, and that it will pursue regardless, its agenda in Syria  – mainly the destruction of all Kurdish enclaves and the absorption of Syria into a Turkish-controlled zone.

For weeks now President Recep Erdogan has pounded Kurdish positions both at home, and in Syria, in what he calls a move against terrorism. Only the real face of terror is not hiding behind Kurdish militias but behind those fighters Ankara has been so keen on sponsoring as it plans its neo-Ottoman takeover.

Turkey has been heavily shelling the positions of Syrian Kurdish militants who are fighting Takfiri groups near the two countries’ border – if not to support Daesh, why has Turkey worked to disintegrate the Kurdish resistance?

Davutoglu said that Turkey would take “necessary measures” against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) if need be.

The Syrian government has said it accepts the terms of the deal on the condition that military efforts against Daesh and the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front continue.

A pretence democracy in terror’s clothing Turkey is very much acting a temperamental child as it ambitions to reclaim its long lost empire, oblivious to the fact that its policies are putting millions of people in harm’s way. The covert power behind Daesh, Ankara has become so confident its officials no longer care to  dissimulate their true intentions.

Turkey is not alone in playing terror for political advancement.

“For five years they [Syrian opposition] have not been able to have a dialogue, because each party of this opposition belongs to a different country and is paid by different countries. They are not an opposition that have a political party in Syria and that have grown from the Syrian people. This is the only opposition in the world that are agents of foreign countries against their own country,” Bashar Assad’s political adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban, said in an interview with RT.

She added: “If it were not for the support [of militants groups] by regional parties – in particular Turkey and Saudi Arabia, it would not be difficult to defeat ISIL. But the money, the resources, the facilitation comes from these countries to IS.”

There lies a reality nations have yet to confront.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna



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