Turkey banned 7,200 pro-ISIL terrorists banned to join Takfiri forces

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- The Turkish foreign minister has claimed that the country has banned the entry of nearly 7,200 suspected pro-ISIL foreign terrorists on their way to join the Takfiri forces in Iraq and Syria.

The announcement by Mevlut Cavusoglu came Friday at a two-day conference of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Basel, Switzerland, where he told his counterparts that Turkey’s “no enter” list now includes some 7,200 names, the state press establishment Anadalou Agency reported Saturday as cited by RT.

Turkish authorities have further deported over a thousand more suspected foreign terrorists since 2011, Ankara’s top diplomat added.

Cavusoglu also noted that despite his government’s efforts to keep the notorious Takfiri terrorists out, the foreign-backed militants continued to breach the country’s borders en route to Iraq and Syria over the past year.

“We still observe the flow of terrorist fighters … and in some cases, those we deport end up at our border gates again,” said the minister.

Emphasizing that terrorism is a global threat that should not be linked to any particular religion or ethnic group, he added, “Today, the threat we face in Syria or Iraq cannot be isolated from the past and we should make use of the lessons learnt.”

According to Cavusoglu, militants from over 80 countries have joined ISIL terrorists as a result of the group’s massive propaganda campaign through social media.

Additionally, over 930 French citizens have joined the ISIL, according to French Interior Ministry figures, while 450 German-based militants have teamed up with the Takfiri terrorists.

Moreover, as many as 2,000 Britons may have joined the terror group in Iraq and Syria, according to reported estimates by UK’s intelligence agencies.




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