Turkey Newspaper: Dersim massacre is a modern Karbala.

SHAFAQNA( Exclusive) – Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu said Dersim incident is similar to modern Karbala calling Republican Party who had ruled the country at that time to apologize from Alawite sector. Davutoglu said that during his meeting with a number of the officials  Alawite sect while attending a ceremony of the tenth of Muharram in the Haj town of Bekta_.

Davutoglu pointed to the deaths and the displacement of thousands of citizens of the state of Dersim (current Tunceli) in thirty-seven of the last century, stressing that the government would not differentiate between citizens Whatever believes  and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was during his premiership first to apologize in name of the state for the incident.

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