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Turkey to Publish Quran Translation in 10 Languages This Year

SHAFAQNA- Yıldıray Kaplan, an official with the Diyanet told the Anadolu news agency that the languages are Persian, English, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Kyrgyz, Albanian, Portuguese, Bosnian, Lithuanian, and Korean.

He said the motto of Diyanet this year is “Let No Language Remain Without a Quran”, the TRT Haber reported.

Kaplan added that the department has on its agenda to translate the Quran into all of the language being used in the world today.

They will be printed and also made available online, he went on to say.

Last year, Diyanet published Quran renderings into French, Kurdish, Armenian, Romanian, Russian, Georgian, Spanish, Azeri, Chinese, Tatar, Italian, Kazakh, and Danish.

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