Turkey’s adopt Daesh’s methods against the Kurds

SHAFAQNA – A news report published by RT TV this Saturday reveals an interesting side to the Turkish military as it shows how Daesh-like Ankara military leadership truly stands in its targeting of “enemy groups.”

“Turkish forces have allegedly left 150 Kurds to burn to death while trapped in basements in the Cizre district as troops enforced a curfew after this week’s bombing in Ankara,” writes RT TV.

The allegation was made Friday by a Kurdish lawmaker in the Turkey’s parliament, Feleknas Uca.

He claimed that some of the victims had been found without heads in Cizre. The district has been under the siege of Turkish troops for several months.

The Kurdish MP warned that more people faced a similar fate as over 200 people remained trapped inside buildings across the region.

“The situation in Diyarbakir is terrible. Its district Sur is seeing its 79th day of curfew. Two-hundred people were trapped in basements and Turkey’s special forces won’t rescue them,” Uca added.

Turkish security forces have been attempting to flush out members of the Kurdistan’s Workers Party (PKK) from southeastern towns and cities since July 2015, when a two-year ceasefire collapsed.

A curfew still remains in place despite an official announcement last week that military operations had concluded in the area. Turkish Interior Minister Efkan Ala confirmed last Thursday that the operations in Cizre had concluded.

Last Sunday, Turkish troops said they had discovered 31 bodies during searches in six buildings in Cizre. The army also said military operations in the district, which started on December 14, had killed 659 PKK members.

Last month, the Turkish Human Rights Foundation reported that over 160 civilians had been killed since Ankara launched its crackdown on the PKK in August, including 29 women, 32 children, and 24 people over the age of 60.

Lines have become increasingly blurred in between those powers which claim to oppose terror: Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, and those methods they have used in their military campaigns across the region. More than just a little Daesh-like, Turkey and the kingdom are increasingly looking like the godfathers of terror – the institutional version of Wahhabism.


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