Turkey’s FM calls internationalization ruling of Grand Mosque in Mecca

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive) – Deputy leader Justice and Development Party ruling in Turkey’s Yasin Oqtaa, attacks the Gulf states, which he said “they wrapped in paranoia,” and will not “raise their hand up until they destroy everything.” In reference to Saudi Arabia and its Gulf and regional alliance, Oqtaa said in an article on Wednesday, November 5th, ” to whom who set fire to the Middle East through their support for coups and bloody march “, and asked: “Have they achieved any benefit yet?

Oqtaa said that this stage would not end “before collapsing of all the Gulf states, because this is a turning point for them and fears of collapse,” He added that “there is no one in the Gulf states feel comfortable, both from crimes committed by, or from participation in the commission of these crimes.” On the other hand, before arriving in Riyadh, Turkish Foreign Minister calls (MP for the Justice and Development Party), for “internationalization managing of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, like the Vatican-style management.”

It is noteworthy that the relations between Ankara and Riyadh have reached high limits of the Cold War, especially after the dismissal of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi,

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