Turkish jet shoots down Syrian aircraft after it ‘violated air space’

SHAFAQNA – According to Russian Today Reported that ”  A Turkish F-16 has shot down Syrian aircraft jet that violated Turkey’s airspace in the southern province of Hatay, military sources told local media. A source told Haber7 news portal that two missiles were launched at the stray aircraft. The area is currently being searched for the crashed aircraft. It would soon be seen if it was a plane or a helicopter,” one official told Hurriyet newspaper. Eyewitnesses told local media that a military plane crossed into Turkey twice on Saturday, before being hit, falling on the Syrian side and breaking into three pieces. Turkey, which has staunchly opposed the government of Syrian president Bashar Assad since the start of a rebellion against him four years ago, regularly scrambles jets on its 700 km border with Syria. A Turkish F-16 shot down a Syrian MiG-25 in March last year.”

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