Turks not bothered about media censorship, survey shows

SHAFAQNA- The survey, which was conducted by the Ipsos KMG Research and Consultancy Company and published in the Posta daily, canvassed the opinions of 15,953 people over 14 years of age across seven regions of Turkey. A total of 49.2 percent of participants were male and 50.2 percent female.

According to the survey, 68 percent of people in Turkey do not use the Internet at all and 84 percent prefer to watch TV. Of those who prefer TV, 65 percent mostly watch news programs and 41 percent prefer to see competition shows. Seventy-seven percent of female participants watch Turkish soap operas and 40 percent watch whatever is shown on TV.

The survey also found that 61 percent of Turks would not object to a ban on the Internet in Turkey. What’s more, 60 percent of the survey’s participants are not opposed to the imposition of censorship on the media in Turkey.

The survey also sought to reveal the level of cultural interest of Turks. Ninety-six percent of participants say they have never been to an opera or ballet performance. Furthermore, 73 percent have never been to a concert, 80 percent have never been to a stage theater and 56 percent have never been to the movie theater. Fifty-six percent of participants say they never listen to music and 29 percent say they do not listen to the radio. The percentage of people who do not read books stands at 45 percent, while the corresponding figure for newspapers is 29 percent.

In addition, the survey revealed that Turks do not often travel while on vacation. Forty-five percent of participants have never been on a domestic holiday and 94 percent have never gone abroad on vacation. However, 39 percent visit the homes of family members or friends at least twice a week. Thirty-eight percent never take their families out to a restaurant for a meal and 46 percent do not regularly practice sport.

Seventy-one percent of respondents identify as conservative, saying they abide by the rules of their religion. Sixty percent of female participants said they wear a headscarf when they go outside, while 46 percent of male participants said it is important for them that their wife wears a headscarf.

When the pollsters asked about violence against women, one out of five men questioned considers it acceptable to slap a woman in the face. Eighteen percent of female participants agreed with the sentiment. Sixty-nine percent of male participants supported the notion that a man’s permission is necessary for a woman to work, compared to 57 percent of female participants. According to the survey, 70 percent of Turks think female university students should be able to wear a headscarf in class, while 57 percent think female civil servants should be able to wear a headscarf while at work.

Source: todayszaman.com

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