Two senior officials of Lebanese Hezbollah in Saudi terrorist list

SHAFAQNA – Saudi Arabia has designated two senior officials of the Lebanese Hezbollah group as terrorists, accusing them of involvement in spreading “chaos and instability”, state news agency SPA reported on Wednesday.

The agency identified one as Khalil Youssef Harb and said he was a military commander in charge of Hezbollah’s activities in Yemen. SPA named the second as Mohammed Qabalan and said he had been convicted by an Egyptian court in absentia in 2010 for activities in the country.

The agency said the kingdom had imposed financial sanctions on the two, including freezing their assets and banning Saudis from any dealings with them.

Hezbollah could not immediately be reached for comment.

“As long as Hezbollah seeks to spread chaos and instability and carries out terrorist attacks and carries out criminal and illegal activity around the world, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will continue to designate activists and leaders and entities of Hezbollah and impose sanctions on them,” a statement said.

The United States welcomed the Saudi move, saying Washington had also designated the two men in 2013 for overseeing “violent operations” in the Middle East.

The Saudi Interior Ministry in March last year designated several Islamic organizations based in the kingdom and abroad, including the Hezbollah, as terrorist organizations.

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