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U.S. Adds several other institutes to Its List of Sanctions against Iran

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SHAFAQNA – Several other Iranian institutes was added on the list of U.S sanctions against Iran, according to statement of The US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

In a statement, OFAC listed the sanctioned entities as Baseej Cooperative Foundation, banks of Mehr Eqtesad, Mellat, Sina and Parsian.

Meanwhile, companies of Negin Sahel Royal, Sarmayegozari Tadbirgaran Atiyeh, Mehr Eqtesad Financial Group, Technotar Engineering and Taktar Investment were also sanctioned over alleged links to Mehr Eqtesad Investment Company.

Companies of Iran Tractor Manufacturing, Isfahan Foulad Mobarakeh, Andisheh-Mehvaran Investment, Bahman Automaking Group, Kalsimin, Holding of Developing Iran Zink Mines, Qeshm Zinc Melting and Reduction Complex, Asidsazan-e Zanjan, Parsian Catalyst Chemical and Bandar Abbas Zinc Production are among the other institutes targeted by the US sanctions.

This is not the first time the US is imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran, as the analysts consider it in the wake of anti-Iran plans defeat over the past year, which has led to Washington’s global isolation.

Currently, the EU is mulling direct banking cooperation with Iran which will ensure continued banking and trade activities between them.

White House has faced big obstacles in the implementation of oil and energy sanctions, as it has faced closed doors in persuading other countries to refrain from selling Iran’s oil.

China and India as the two big buyers of Iran’s oil are at the top of the opposing countries which defied US’ sanctions against Iran, IRNA reported.


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