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U.S. Crimes in Syria Can Only be Stopped by Fear of Responsibility

SHAFAQNA – At the background of the previous incidents, the development of the current situation in Syria has taken a different turn. The U.S. is extremely concerned about the decisive steps of the Syria’s allies regarding the criminal actions of the Western coalition.
Considering Russia’s decision to suspend cooperation with the U.S. within the framework of a memorandum on preventing air incidents in Syria, Washington redeployed its aircraft to the northeast of Syria. Besides, basing on the data from the latest reports, it becomes obvious that the Coalition Air Force doesn’t cross the line (west of the Euphrates River) beyond which its aircraft will become the targets for the Russian land and air anti-aircraft defense.
It also will be appropriate to remind about Australia, whose Ministry of Defense on Tuesday suspended its air strikes against ISIS targets in Syria.
According to Micah Zenko, a senior fellow with the Center for Preventive Action at the Council on Foreign Relations, nowadays, the Coalition Command is more than ever afraid of responsibility for its actions. In his article published in The New York Times, Zenko stressed that the Pentagon was in a political impasse.
Such mention is also shared by Nation Interest. Particularly, the journal reports that if the current U.S. administration continues to conduct its foreign policy towards Syria, Washington will be foredoomed to failure.
British Prime Minister Theresa May has also acknowledged the fact that the Coalition Command was extremely concerned about the current situation in Syria. According to Reuters, May called on all parties, fighting terrorism in the country, to coordinate their actions in order to “reduce the level of tensions.”
In this regard, a natural question arises: why the U.S.-led Coalition didn’t think about coordinating its actions in Syria before? It also should be mentioned about numerous civilian casualties. According to Airwars monitoring organization, 4,000 civilians have been killed since the beginning of the ‘counter-terrorist’ operation in Syria and Iraq.
Nowadays, Washington faces a dilemma – to refuse its aggressive policy towards Syria and the Middle East, or continue to risk the lives of the Coalition’s servicemen, who are fighting for the vested interests of politicians.

By Anna Jaunger

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