U.S. withdraws its troops from Yemen over fears of civil war

SHAFAQNA – U.S. officials have confirmed this Saturday that all U.S. troops based in Yemen had been recalled over fears civil war is about the break.
Over one hundred Special Forces based in Al Anad airbase – southern province of Aden – withdrawn confirmed a Yemeni general to Shafaqna. “This is an interesting development since the U.S. has always denied it had troops on the ground … those Special Forces were coordinating a lot of the drone strikes in southern Yemen against Al Qaeda militants,” he told Shafaqna.
Al Anad is located near to the city of Al Houta, which city was outrun by Al Qaeda only a few days ago.EVer since former President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi declared war on Ansarallah, in order to regain control of the state institutions, Al Qaeda has exploited instability, claiming to its control more land and men.
Sources in Sana’a have warned that ISIS would have already infiltrated Yemen in view of expanding its so-called Caliphate to southern Arabia and gain a foothold near Saudi Arabia.



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