UK embassy to reopen in Tehran on Feb.2015

SHAFAQNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the country is ready to deal with British embassy the same as other embassies in Tehran.

“We are ready to deal with British embassy in Tehran the same as other embassies and we expect the UK to deal with our embassy the same as others,” Zarif told reporters.

“We have decided to resume bilateral ties between the two countries,” he said, adding opening embassies regardless of political issues needs technical and administrative process and agreements.”

In November 2011, Iranian lawmakers voted by a large majority to downgrade diplomatic ties with the UK in response to Britain’s decision to impose sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran over the allegation that Tehran is pursuing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program.

Two days after the decision by the Iranian Parliament, hundreds of Iranian students staged a protest outside the British embassy in Tehran, pulling down the UK flag and demanding the expulsion of the British ambassador.

Following the incident, UK announced on in November 2011 that it is withdrawing its diplomatic staff from Iran and that the Iranian embassy in London would be closed.

Nearly two years after their diplomatic ties were severed, Iran and Britain agreed in October 2013 to appoint non-resident chargés d’affaires as a first step toward reopening their respective embassies.

On February 20, Tehran and London officially resumed direct diplomatic relations.




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