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Ukrainians Compete in Memorization of Quran


The World Association of Quran Memorization organized the contest in cooperation with a Ukrainian Muslim institute.

55 Quran memorizers competed in the five categories of the Quranic event, namely, memorization of the entire Quran, and memorization of 15, 10, 5, and 2 Kuzes (parts) of the Quran.

The Islamic Cultural Center of Kiev hosted the Quran competition.

Senior Ukrainian Mufti Sheikh Saeed Esmailev, and a number of Quranic figures and Muslim personalities attended the closing ceremony where winners of the competition were announced and awarded.

Speakers at the closing ceremony underlined the importance of learning the Quran and the need for encouraging memorization of the Quran.

Islam is the fourth-largest religion in Ukraine where Muslims represent some two percent of the population.

The religion has a long history in Ukraine dating back to the 15th century CE.

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