UN called for protection of women and minorities targeted by ISIS terrorists

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The new Head of the UN’s human rights on Monday called for the protection of women and minorities targeted by ISIS (ISIL, Da’esh) terrorists in Iraq and Syria which he said were “increasingly conjoined conflicts”. Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein, Jordan’s former UN ambassador, in his maiden speech to the UN Human Rights Council, said any country run by Islamic State “would be a harsh, mean-spirited, house of blood”.

Islamic State has over-run large parts of Syria and Iraq since June, declaring a cross-border caliphate. The Geneva-based Council last week agreed to send a team to investigate crimes committed by the group on “an unimaginable scale”. “In particular, dedicated efforts are urgently needed to protect religious and ethnic groups, children – who are at risk of forcible recruitment and sexual violence – and women, who have been the targets of severe restrictions,” Zeid told the forum.

He also called on Iraq’s new government and prime minister to consider joining the International Criminal Court (ICC) to ensure accountability for crimes committed there. Zeid described ISIL as “takfiris”, people who justify killing others by branding them as apostates.

“In the takfiri mind, as we have seen in Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Kenya, Somalia, Mali, Libya, Syria and Iraq, and throughout the world where they have attacked innocent people, there is no love of neighbour, only annihilation to those Muslims, Christians and others, altogether the rest of humanity, who believe differently to them,” Zeid said. In wide-ranging remarks, he called for an end to Israel’s seven-year blockade of Gaza and said Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank deserved to lead a normal life free of illegal settlements and what he called excessive use of force.

Source: Reuters


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