UN envoy: Saudi Military Action Turn Yemen to “Iraq-Libya-Syria Scenario”

SHAFAQNA – Jamal Benomar, the UN envoy to Yemen, has described Saudi military action as an “Iraq-Libya-Syria scenario”.

But in Riyadh the chief goal of the Saudi-led aggression in neighboring Yemen is to “secure the embattled seat of government in the southern city of Aden”, spokesman for the coalition Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri told a press conference in the capital,Reuters reports.

“I want to confirm that the operation itself has as its main objective to protect the government in Aden,” Asseri said.

Meanwhile Al-Alam correspondent in Yemen reporting that in Saudi-led air strike 20 people killd in Sadda governorate.

Aden is the last base of former President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, whose forces are effectively surrounded there after a week of fighting with Houthi militiamen, prompting two days of Saudi-led airstrikes.

Meanwhile The Economist (British weekly Magazine) writer believe that saudi- led military campaign to reinstall Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi as president by Riyadh may push Yemen into what Jamal Benomar, the UN envoy to Yemen, has described as an “Iraq-Libya-Syria scenario”.

Before Sadda attacks, at least 40 civilians have been killed since Wednesday when Saudi led air strike begins, six of them were under the age of ten.

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