UNSC approves resolution to end support for terrorists

US President Barack Obama chairs a UN Security Council summit meeting on foreign terrorist fighters during the UN General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York on September 24, 2014.

SHAFAQNA– The UN Security Council has unanimously approved a resolution calling for an end to the arming and funding of terrorist groups worldwide.

Resolution 2178, ratified by the 15-member council on Wednesday, demands all nations prevent the movement of terrorists through their territories. The move aims to stem the flow of terrorists to Iraq and Syria.

The US-drafted resolution also requires governments to take action against people who travel to a country to join terrorist groups or collect funds for extremists.

The Security Council session was chaired by US President Barack Obama, whose country is holding the rotating presidency of the UN body.

Referring to the situation in Syria and Iraq, Obama called for choking off the flow of foreign terrorists to the two Middle Eastern states “not just in the days ahead, but for years to come.”

According to US intelligence estimates, some 15,000 foreign militants from 80 countries have poured into Syria to join the terrorist groups.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are known to be the main sponsors of militants in Syria, while Turkey has allowed them to use its territory to sneak into the Arab country.

The resolution came as the US and its Arab allies resumed airstrikes in Syria targeting oilfields held by the ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

The US and its partners began targeting Takfiri militants in Iraq last month and expanded the air raids into Syria earlier this week. Syria has warned that any military action inside its territory must be coordinated with Damascus.


Source: Press TV


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