UNSC claims Yemen Saleh embezzled $60 billion


SHAFAQNA EXCLUSIVE – According to a UN Security Council  report published Wednesday – Feb. 25, 2015 – former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh would have embezzled an estimated $30 to $60 billion during his three decades in power.
Simon Goddard, who was apointed head research to the Yemen dossier said he attempted to retrace Yemen looted funds in view of repatriating them.
The poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen has been crippled by aggravated poverty, high unemployment, political instability and insecurity due to the presence of extremist groups such as Al Qaeda.
Experts on Yemen have already said to be dubious as to the reliability of the UNSC reseach, arguing that although Saleh had undoubtedly diverted funds, it was difficulty to envision he could ever manage to re-route $60 billion.


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