UNSC condemns attack against Saudi embassy, silence over Sheikh al-Nimr’s execution


SHAFAQNA – The United Nations Security Council has condemned attacks against Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic missions across the Middle East on Tuesday.

A statement from the 15-member body, including the UK, US and Russia, made no mention of the Saudi executions that sparked the riots amid ever worsening tensions between the two countries.

While the UNSC was quick to stand for Riyadh’s rights, it failed to mention the execution on January 2, 2016 of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr – a prominent Shia cleric and fierce critic of the Wahhabi regime.

A dedicated human rights activist, Sheikh al-Nimr rose to prominent in the Islamic world as he denounced the oppression by Saudi Arabia of the Shia community – calling for equal rights and freedom of religion.

A outspoken advocate for interfaith cooperation and harmony, Sheikh al-Nimr wanted to see Islam reclaim its pluralist tradition, away from the takfirism of Wahhabism.

Oblivious to Saudi Arabia’s crimes, the Security Council statement said it condemned the attacks in the “strongest terms”, saying they had violated diplomatic and consular premises, while causing serious damage.

Reminding governments of the “fundamental inviolability” of such premises and responsibility of host countries to protect them, the council urged “all appropriate steps” to be taken to prevent further disturbances.

“In this context, and expressing their deep concern at such attacks, the members of the Security Council called on the Iranian authorities to protect diplomatic and consular property and personnel, and to respect fully their international obligations in this regard,” a spokesperson said.


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