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Unseen for 65 years, old Photos from Al-Haram Mosque

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SHAFAQNA- The son of Lebanese Photographer Safouh al-Nu’mani, who took colored photos from Al-Haram Mosque 65 years ago, published some of those unseen photos.

Omar al-Nu’mani, son of Safouh Al-Nu’mani, who died two years ago, told al-Arabiya‘s network that these photos had been taken by his father 65 years ago.

“My father, who entered Saudi Arabia as a photographer, has taken pictures of the place, in which the way people live in Mecca, Medina and Jeddah,” he said.

He added that among these photographs there are also images of the Prophet’s mosque and sacred places, dating back to King Saud reign.

The son of the late photographer stated that he has over 1600 unseen photos from Ka’ba and Al-Haram Mosque.

These photos are taken at official occasions and show the lives of the people of Saudi Arabia during that time.


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