US airstrike kills 7 civilians, including children, in Iraq

A UK-based Syrian opposition group said on Friday that the US-led coalition has bombed oil facilities in east and northeast Syria, where ISIL pumps oil.

SHAFAQNA– US airstrike has killed at least seven civilians, including children, in northern Iraq.

According to sources,the attack targeted an eastern neighborhood in the city of Mosul on Friday night as part of the so-called US-led military campaign against the ISIL terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, according to Press TV citing Iraqi sources.

The Pentagon said on Friday that 10 airstrikes were carried out in Iraq and Syria targeting ISIL on Thursday and Friday, destroying several tanks, armed vehicles and militant bases.

In Iraq, the US military said it demolished a guard shack and three four-wheel drive military vehicles as well as a checkpoint and command and control node belonging to ISIL. There were also three strikes on ISIL targets in eastern Syria.

The United States has conducted dozens of airstrikes against ISIL targets in Iraq since mid-August.

The US-led military campaign against the ISIL terrorists in Syria began on Monday, without Damascus’ permission. This is seen as illegal under international law.


Source: IRIB


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