US airstrikes killed more Iraqi, Syrian civilians than Russia in 3 months: Airwars

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SHAFAQNA – The U.S. Coalition has killed more Syrian and Iraqqi civilians in the last three months than Russia, Airwars reported on Thursday.

Using an graph chart, Airwars illustrated how the civilian deaths from U.S. airstrikes have greatly exceeded those of Russia, including the month of March, where the Coalition increased their kill total by 67% from the previous month.

According to Airwars, the U.S. killed between 1,782 to 3,471 civilian non-combatants, making the month of March the deadliest span of attacks by the Coalition this year.

Despite these rather high figures from both the Russian and U.S. air forces, the latter’s attacks are generally not discussed or condemned by many of the same people criticizing Russia’s airstrikes.

Source: Al Masdar News 


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