US analyst to visit Imam Hussein shrine during Muharram

SHAFAQNA – The Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has sent a formal invitation to the American strategic researcher Mr. Michael Robin, who works at the Enterprise American Institute for Strategic Studies, to participate in the Sejjadian Rhythmical-Supplications Conference which will be held on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ali son of Hussein (Peace Be Upon Them) in Muharram month.

Robin experienced the conference in the previous year and resided in the holy city of Kerbala during the period of the conference, where he consequently wrote many articles on the significance and greatness of the holy city of Kerbala and how it is related to the immortal revolution of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him), in addition to defending Shia Muslims and Shiasim through American TV interviews.

Robin was sent several invitations, but he prioritized attending and participating in the Sejjadian Rhythmical-Supplications Conference for it has the religious and faith elements which represent part of the essential human rights of every human being.

He also mentioned that he, as an American strategic analyst, there would not be a fair and active policy if it doesn’t take into consideration and respect religion and faith.

He said further that there are many valuable lessons should be learned from Imam Hussein’s life; lessons that have been and will always be valid.

Michael Rubin (born 1971) is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). He previously worked as an official at the Pentagon, where he dealt with issues in the Middle East.

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