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US Army vet speaks up against Trump’s racial prejudices

SHAFAQNA – A US Army veteran slammed Republican presidential Donald Trump on Tuesday amid questions about Trump’s donations to veterans groups.

“When I served in Afghanistan I served with women, I served with Muslims, and I served with Latinos — all groups that Donald Trump has maligned or even threatened,” Perry O’Brien said during a protest in New York City. “All of those folks actually donned the uniform. They actually served the country. As far as we can see as veterans in the military community, Donald Trump only seems interested in serving himself.”

O’Brien, who served for three years in Afghanistan, has taken part in a series of demonstrations outside Trump Tower criticizing the real estate mogul after his claim to have raised $6 million was proven false. Trump responded by accusing protesters of being sent by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Associated Press reported this week that Trump only donated money to several groups after being questioned about it by the Washington Post.

“I think we all believe in the veterans community that it would be fantastic if Trump had decided he was interested in donating any of his vast wealth — which he loves to talk about so much — to veterans organizations in any substantive way before he decided he wanted to be the next commander-in-chief,” O’Brien said on Wednesday.

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