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US Congress to sanction resistance groups in Iraq

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SHAFAQNA- The US Congress, In another attempt to interfere in Iraq‘s internal affairs, finalised a draft bill late on Tuesday on sanctioning resistance groups.

Asaib Ahl Al Haq (AAH) and Harakat Hezbollah Al Nujaba militias will be subjected to the sanctions and their funds frozen.

In its act, the US House of Representatives claimed it is sanctioning terror groups and countries that destabilize Iraq, on top of which is Iran, according to Iraqi media.

Some Iraqi media wrote that the act can be very dangerous for the security of Iraq.

The US House of Representatives and Sennate had already passed some acts that sanctioned the Iraqi groups that had the biggest role in fighting and defeating Daesh (ISIS) terrorists.

The Iraqi resistance groups are all a part of the Popular Mobilization Forces that were formed with the Fatwa of Ayatollah Sistani to counter Daesh. They were formally integrated into the security forces last year after the extremist militants were defeated, the national reported.
Later in 2014, the Popular Mobilization Forces were under command of the Iraqi prime minister and the commander of the armed forces.

Nonetheless, the US insists on alleging that the Popular Mobilization Forces are affiliated to Iran.

The Iraqi authorities have repeatedly warned against the US’ interference with their security decisions, but the US keeps pressing them.

What’s more, the Iraqi resistance groups have announced that the presence of the US forces in the post-Daesh era is considered invasion and if it continues they will treat the US forces like invaders.

The Senate must also approve the draft before it is sent to the White House, IRANPRESS reported.

The UK Ambassador to Iraq Jonathan Wilks had told The Independent on Wednesday that according to UK intelligence, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Emirates were the biggest financial supporters of terrorist groups, including Daesh and Nosra Front, in Iraq.

However, repeated confessions of the West to the identity of the supports of terrorism in Iraq, proves that Washington’s accusations against Iran are actually just baseless, IRNA reported.

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