US former Congressman: “They knew where Bin Laden was. I don’t think they really wanted to catch him”

SHAFAQNA – In a radio interview with BuzzFeed – a popular US media and news site – veteran US politician Ron Paul theorized the White House chose not to catch infamous Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to justify going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The former Congressman told BuzzFeed, “”They knew where Bin Laden was. I don’t think they really wanted to catch him because he was used as the excuse for us, you know, invading various countries and building up the military.”

He added, “If you had a private force that was going to be paid to go over and get him [bin Laden] because they had pretty good knowledge of where he was and taking care of him early on, just think of the benefits that would have come from a very, very narrowed approach to, you know, going after those people that were participating in 9/11.”

Ron Paul’s allegations come just as pressure has been building up against US President Barack Obama to make a report on 9/11 public, a move which could expose Saudi royals’ ties to Al Qaeda militants.

Increased criticism over US foreign policy in the Middle East has gained traction over the past weeks, with increasing calls from both democrats and republicans to reset the clock and form new partnership in the region.

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