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US Imposes New Sanctions on Iranian airlines

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SHAFAQNA – US imposes new sanctions on Iranian airlines and companies associated with them, after Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal, to increase economic pressure on Iran and isolate Iran in the world.

Mahan Travel and Tourism, based in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, is subject to secondary sanctions under Iranian financial sanctions, according to OFAC, Sputnik reported.
Alongside Mahan Air, the US banned list already includes Caspian Air, Meraj Air, Pouya Air and Dena Airways.
In addition, the sanctions were imposed on two Iranian citizens linked to Dena Airways, Turkish businesswoman Gulnihal Yegane and three aviation-related companies allegedly providing assistance to Mahan Air.

Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin commented in this respect, claiming that Mahan Airlines allegedly supports IRGC’s activities in the Middle East, regularly transporting weapons, foreign fighters and Iranian forces in a bid to support Assad government in Syria.

He also warned the companies providing services to Mahan Airlines, saying that the move will entail big financial risk for them, IRNA reported.

According to Mehr News, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines also announced in a statement on its website that the airline will suspend direct flights from Amsterdam to Tehran from 24 September, saying the decision was motivated by negative results and the financial perspective.

The last flight to Tehran departs from Amsterdam on September 22 and lands at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol a day later, the statement added.

The Dutch airline had stopped flights to Iran in 2013 and resumed flights in 2016.

For passengers who already have a ticket for a flight on or after September 24, an alternative flight or financial compensation will be arranged, the statement added.

Passengers can still fly with Iran Air to Tehran from the Netherlands.

Also Austrian Airlines, which is owned by the giant German airline company Lufthansa, said it canceled its service to the Iranian cities, starting in September, according to the airline trade website Aviation Tribune. Austrian Airlines will, however, continue its service to Tehran.
Austrian Airlines flights to Shiraz and Isfahan were established in the summer of 2017.


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