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US Jail, the birth place of Daesh

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

Richest terrorist outfit Daesh has become a popular name not only in the Muslim world but also in Western countries. US and its allies have called ISIS a threat to Humanity and world peace however renowned journalists and Western scholars all are agreed upon that US is the key player behind the creation of ISIS. It was 2009 when US released number of captives from Baka camp of Iraq who were accused of dangerous terrorists. Local police chief Saad Abbas told US news paper Washington post that 90% of these released terrorist joined terrorist activities and incumbent leader of ISIS Abu Bakar Al –Baghdadi and Abu Muslim Al-Turkamani were among those captives who were released from US jail. According to a research institute Soufan Group Camp Baka was the base of ISIS. Institute claimed that number of Saddam’s military generals was also place in this camp and they together used their experience and based a horrible warrior terrorist group. This group is now named as ISIS

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